A recognized leader in the affordable housing field, Nancy is the Co-founder and President of Evernorth, guiding the overall strategic direction and business development for the organization. Before uniting under the Evernorth banner, Nancy served as President of Housing Vermont since 2008. Under her leadership, the organization helped communities to advance critical housing, economic, energy, and environmental goals. Nancy is the Vice Chair of VEIC, a nonprofit energy efficiency utility and a past member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Community Development Advisory Council. In 2019 her work in community development was recognized by the Vermont Housing Conservation Board with the Mollie Beattie award and by Champlain Housing Trust with the Tim Mackenzie Award. Nancy is a graduate of Achieving Excellence, a leadership program of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and NeighborWorks. 

Nancy holds a BS degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. When not helping communities, Nancy can be found gardening in summer, skiing in winter, and cooking for friends and family all year round.