Digital Services

Free Wi-Fi for Residents

Evernorth has piloted free public Wi-Fi in 15 developments, and we are working on improving and expanding this service, with the hopes of putting money directly back in our residents’ pockets.

Spotlight on Garden Street Apartments

Garden Apartments

Residents at Garden Street Apartments, a 60 unit property co-owned with Champlain Housing Trust, enjoy free public Wi-Fi. Here’s how the numbers break down:

Initial investment
Ongoing yearly cost
Estimated yearly savings to residents based on current usage

I just can’t afford the internet, ugh no. It’s a lot of money that I don’t have. No, it’s ridiculous.

—Vergennes Resident

“[I pay] $130 a month, just internet. And that’s the lowest price that I could do because I have three kids and myself and I need internet. So I can’t have crawling speeds otherwise they can’t do their Zoom calls.”

—Brattleboro Resident

“Technology changes daily and for our property management team to not only recognize this BUT really be committed to helping each of the tenants transition into the technological era is truly a gift.”

—Burlington Resident