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The U.S. Treasury’s New Markets Tax Credit program (NMTC), which began in 2000, is designed to spur economic development activity in economically disadvantaged communities throughout the country. These low income communities often have good, viable business and economic development opportunities, but have limited access to capital. The NMTC addresses this capital gap by providing the incentive of a Federal tax credit to individuals or corporations that invest in a Community Development Entity (CDE).

Evernorth Rural Ventures (ERV), a qualified CDE, uses its NMTC resources to support investment in the economic, environmental, and social well-being of northern New England communities and its regional economies. NMTC funds are used to retain and create quality jobs and essential goods and services by financing key community developments in downtown and village centers and in other concerted community efforts that demonstrate positive impacts to low income persons and communities.

A variety of projects are eligible including, but not limited to retail and office space, health care, downtown housing over commercial space, manufacturing, community centers, forest and food processing, grocery stores and education. Prospective NMTC projects need to be located within a qualified census tract. Evernorth Rural Ventures targets the majority of its NMTC resources to rural areas within its service area.

We encourage you to call Beth Boutin at (802) 863-8424, or use the contact form to send a message to learn more about Evernorth Rural Ventures and New Markets Tax Credits.

Is the NMTC right for me?

To see if the program may work for financing your business, please review the questions below.

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