8823 Notification

When you receive a notice of 8823 Noncompliance from the State Housing Authority, please immediately notify the Evernorth Asset Management Team. If the 8823 Form is uncorrected, we will work with you to correct the violation within the prescribed time.

Annual Budget and Rent Schedule

Annual Budgets and rent schedules should be submitted to Evernorth 30 days prior to the end of the fiscal year. While we prefer approved budgets, please send a copy of the budget and rent schedule, even if it has not been approved.


All copies of renewal of insurance should be sent to the Evernorth Asset Management Team if not automatically provided by the insurance broker/agent.

Real Estate Taxes

Please send copies of Real Estate Tax bills to Evernorth, along with proof of payment. You can send this to us as part of the regular Quarterly Reporting package.

Reserve Access Request

Please complete the 2022 Evernorth Replacement Reserve Access Request form to request access to operating or replacement reserve funds. For additional reserve requirements including minimum balance and distribution information, please refer to the project’s LPA.