Once a property has begun leasing, Evernorth Asset Management receives operational data on each property on an ongoing, quarterly basis. The reporting requirements show which financial and leasing reports are required. Quarterly reports are due 15 days (Vermont) or 30 days (Maine and New Hampshire) after the end of each quarter.

Please complete the Operations Quarterly Questionnaire and upload it to our website portal, or send it along with the other operational data to Asset Management.

Reporting Requirements

We ask that all files and reports be uploaded to our website portal, or submitted electronically, if possible, to Asset Management.

Within 15- 30 days after calendar quarter end unaudited Quarterly Financial Reports for preceding quarter to include:

  • Quarterly Questionnaire certified by General Partner
  • Balance Sheet (Accrual based, Year-to-Date)
  • Income Statement or Budget to Actual (Accrual based, Year-to-Date)
  • Occupancy Status Report or Three (3) months of occupancy including vacancy
  • Operating and Replacement reserve statements (GL Accruals or Bank Statements are acceptable) showing contributions, distributions, and balance information
  • Aged Receivables Report (A/R) detailing tenant rent receivables by unit for 30, 60, 90+ days
  • Other information as may be requested
  • Proof of payment of real estate taxes preferably by anniversary date of tax cycle
  • Copies of any reviews and site inspection reports by state HFA, REAC, or Mortgage-Holder Inspections conducted in current year
  • Copies of any notice of default or findings of non-compliance, including IRS Form 8823, and any notice of pending IRS audit or recapture of tax credits