Every five years a new Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) should be completed. If it’s been more than 5 years since the last one for the property we will discuss how to get one scheduled. 

Every year a 5-year Capital Plan should be completed, based on recommendations from the CNA and current property needs. This should be submitted with the budget (October 15th).

HART Report is due by October 1st for the previous fiscal year. If you are a property manager and not a co-owner, Evernorth will need the information for this report so we can submit it. For more information and the form check out https://accd.vermont.gov/housing/resources-rules/EO-03-16.

Annual Owner Certifications are due February 28th. If you are a property manager, please fill out and Evernorth will sign as owner. If you are a co-owner, please send us a copy when you complete this. You can find the forms here: Forms & documents | VHFA.org – Vermont Housing Finance Agency

Form 8703 – we will send you a separate email with a spreadsheet of your properties with a few questions to answer. Please complete this and return to us so we can fill out and submit these forms. Not every property requires this so please check the spreadsheet we send to see what is needed. Evernorth needs to submit this form by March 31st.

Act 68 Certifications. You can check the status of your properties at https://www.housingdata.org/find-rental-housing. If the certificate is expiring the end of this year, a new application is due by February 28th. Forms and resources are available at https://www.vhfa.org/rentalhousing/managingagents/propertymanagers/act68

Capital Magnet Fund Reporting requires information on income levels at specific properties. Your Asset Manager will reach out to you with details. Due February 15th.

Each year when the tax bills come out please send us a copy, along with any notices of assessment or deadline information if we need to file a tax grievance.